Breather Felt

At Just Roofing Supplies we stock Cromar Breatable Felt and specialise in two breather felts.

One is the the Cromar Vent 3 breather felt that is, in our opinion, the Rolls Royce of all felts.  It is high strength roofing felt that once rolled out is a dark blue in colour reducing glare from the sun whilst working.  The advantages of the thicker felt is that it is less likely to tear.

The other breather felt is also supplied to us by Cromar.  This is the Vent 3 Classic and once rolled out is grey in colour to again reduce the glare.

All breathable felts sold by us are BBA Approved and suitable for warm and cold roof application and are UV stable for up to four months without being covered by tiles.

All felts are made up a three layer membrane which is clean and easy to use.

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